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A Proud History

Hobart Olympia F.C. Warriors is one of four football (soccer) clubs that represents Hobart in the Tasmanian Southern Premier League. The club also fields teams in all junior divisions, as well as women's teams. Olympia F.C. Warriors play their home games at Warrior Park, in Warrane, Tasmania.

Olympia was formed in 1957 as "The Grecians", and for the most part of their history have been predominantly represented by players of ethnic Greek background. The club headquarters are located at the Hobart Hellenic Club.

In 1958 they changed their name to "Olympia" a name which they kept unchanged until 1997, when ethnic affiliations were removed from Australian football. Unwilling to completely depart from their Greek association, the club simply changed 'Olympia' to 'Olympic'.


In October 2009 after a revamped new Board , newly elected President George Mamacas started making immediate changes to the ailing club. They reverted to their former ethnically-affiliated name 'Olympia', and added the epithet 'Warriors', as well as adopting a new logo featuring a Spartan warrior's helmet also replacing the 50 year old shield with a map of the island State of Tasmania to further celebrate the Greek Australian heritage. This decision was made ahead of the club's fiftieth anniversary celebrations, and taken with the full blessing of Football Federation Tasmania.

Olympia F.C. Warriors have been one of the more successful Tasmanian club, winning the State Championship on seven occasions, although they have struggled to emulate the glory of the 1960s. During the 1960s they won 5 consecutive state championship, 5 Southern titles, 2 Ampol Cup wins, 3 Falkinder Cup wins and 2 Association Cup wins.

Olympia F.C. Warriors built strong teams throughout the 1980s and 1990s who were highly competitive, but have so far failed to recapture their former glory.

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