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Greek Archdiocese of Australia Lectures


Join us at both Holy Trinity and St George’s Churches in lectures about the Greek Orthodox Faith.

The Greek Archdiocese of Australia - Canberra and Tasmanian District presents a series of lectures designed to enhance our knowledge and spirituality of Orthodox faith.

Featuring eminent speakers from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia and St Andrew’s Theological College, the lectures will commence with a 30 minute English service followed by a one hour lecture.

The lectures will be in English and suitable for all ages and levels of learning. No fees are required and is open to anyone interested.

Thursday 11 May 6PM - “Questions & Answers” with the Very Reverend Peter Mavrommatis. Greek Orthodox Church of The Holy Trinity.

Tuesday 18 May 6PM - “What do Orthodox Christians Believe?” A brief catechism with Mr Anastasios Kalogerakis. Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity.

Tuesday 25 May 6PM - “Why Does God Allow Suffering?” with Reverend Asterios Zouriakas. Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity.

Tuesday 1 June 6PM - “God’s Miraculous Presence on Earth” with Dr Philip Kariatlis. Greek Orthodox Church of St George.

Tuesday 8 June 6PM - “Why Orthodoxy? What Made Me Convert” Dr Lydia Jones. Greek Orthodox Church of St George.

All welcome. No fees. Further information

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